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Our Science Our clinical studies

Our clinical studies

UCB is committed to sharing information about clinical research and making study results publicly accessible.

Scope of studies

This site provides information on both ongoing and completed studies sponsored by UCB for products commercially available and under development. It is searchable via the Compounds menu.

Information is available for the following:

  • Phase 2-4 interventional* clinical studies which began on or after 1 January 2004.
  • Phase 2-4 interventional* clinical studies which began prior to 1 January 2004 and were considered pivotal to regulatory approval of core UCB medicines.
  • Other studies that were available on the initial version of UCB’s study internet page.

UCB discloses information regardless of the outcome of the study or where the study was conducted.

This list will be updated regularly.

* For a description of ‘interventional studies’ or to learn more about clinical studies in general, click here, and for additional definitions of terms related to clinical studies, click here.


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The drop-down menu can be used to navigate to study information for a particular product or compound.

Lay summaries of clinical study results

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Lay summaries of clinical study results are intended to share the findings of clinical research with study participants, patients and the public in easy-to-understand language. UCB currently provides these summaries for:

  • Pivotal studies or studies that were key for the approval of medicines
  • Pivotal studies for medicines where clinical development has been terminated globally.

Plans are underway to expand lay summary development to include additional studies and to provide these summaries in additional languages in the future.

Lay summaries may be accessed via the button below, and are also included with other study information via the Compounds drop-down menu above.

Clinical Study Data Requests

Qualified researchers may request access to anonymized patient-level data and supporting documents that have been redacted to protect personally identifiable information, from UCB-sponsored clinical studies via the Clinical Study Data Request (CSDR) site.

CSDR is a consortium of clinical study Sponsors/Funders and facilitates the responsible sharing of patient-level data from a range of clinical study Sponsors/Funders through a researcher-friendly platform.

In addition to the studies already listed on CSDR, UCB will consider ad hoc requests for additional Phase 2-4 UCB-sponsored interventional clinical studies to be added to CSDR. Additional information is available at the Clinical Study Data Request site.

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UCB position statement

For any questions about our Data Sharing policy, please contact:


Clinical study results are intended to report the results of the study that were known at the time of the study's completion.
The results therefore do not provide a comprehensive and current review of the safety and efficacy of any compound based upon all information available.