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Spotlight on Jesus (Spain)

Jesús’ journey with Parkinson’s disease dates back to 1985. This is when Jesús initially began to experience symptoms such as easily losing his balance. Jesús wasn’t concerned about these symptoms because they only seemed to appear during stressful times. However when his left arm stopped swinging when he walked, Jesús began to worry.

Yet, it wasn’t until ten years later in 1995, at the age of 43, while working on his doctoral thesis that Jesús decided to seek the counsel of a doctor. 

After being referred to a neurologist, Jesús was given a prescription but not a diagnosis. He immediately noticed that the prescription was used to treat Parkinson’s disease, but it didn’t occur to him that he, too, may have Parkinson’s. During the second visit with his neurologist, Jesús was given a confirmation test and his doctor gave him an official Parkinson’s diagnosis. As he continued treatment, Jesús and his neurologist noticed marked improvement in the alleviation of his symptoms.

As a former art history professor, Jesús was excited to return to work teaching twice weekly distance classes for American universities running courses in Spain. He also spends time writing art review columns for a local publication. To adapt to life with Parkinson’s disease, Jesús has made small practical changes to make getting around the house easier and continues to work with his neurologist to make treatment alterations as necessary.

Jesús no longer believes in worrying about the future and is committed to living every day to the fullest.

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